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A Journey with Holmes

Counseling & Psychological Services

Grenisha Holmes

Grenisha Holmes


A Journey with Holmes mission is to provide the highest quality mental health

and wellness services to strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

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Are you struggling with claiming the space you deserve in this world? Do you sacrifice your happiness at the expense of others? Do you struggle with being your authentic self as a Black person in this world? Are you looking for tools to help you live a more balanced lifestyle? Are you interested in exploring whether the therapeutic approach to healing is right for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

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The Therapeutic Approach to Healing

Meet the CEO: Grenisha Holmes, LCSW, CCATP, CMIP

Group Sessions


My name is Grenisha Holmes, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified

Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, and Certified Mindfulness - Informed Professional (CMIP).

With over 10 years of experience, I've provided behavioral and mental health services to teens and

adults in various settings. I am committed to nurturing the lives of all individuals by inspiring them to

make their mental wellness a priority. You are the Expert of your journey. I will rely on your

strengths and expertise (lived experiences) to develop a plan to get from point A to point B towards

your goals.

My approach to therapy is derived from a holistic, multicultural, strength and relational

based perspective, while providing a safe & confidential space for individuals to open up

and begin the process toward healing. My purpose is in creating a safe and secure place

for individuals to discuss their mental health related concerns which may affect their day

to day life and social, occupational and educational journey. Provide Short & Long-term

Psycho-therapy that is problem-oriented and solution-focused.

My goal is to honor your story without judgement. During sessions, I use real, relevant and relatable

interventions to get results, but no promises made!

I have the education, degrees, training and licenses to help treat mental health challenges. I am an

independently licensed clinical social worker (therapist) in California. I received my master's of science degree from University of Tennessee in clinical social work, bachelor's degree from Tennessee State

University in psychology. Lastly, I am a certified telehealth professional, Certified Clinical

Anxiety Treatment Professional, and Certified Mindfulness- Informed Professional.


We provide services to teens and adults through individual, couples, family and group therapy to those residing in California. Our services are delivered to those ranging from adolescents to adults ages 13+. We believe in educating our clients about a variety of approaches that may be included in their treatment such as psychotherapy, expressive therapies, and skill development. Our team members have a broad range of experience and are able to help with many of life's challenges. Services may be provided face-to-face or via teletherapy through a secured platform.


AJWH assists individuals who are going through difficult times by providing the support they need to overcome issues from the past, find freedom from unhealthy patterns of

thought and behavior, and live full and productive lives. Our therapists are trained to work with anxiety and depression, relational issues, abuse, trauma, grief, personal & spiritual growth, life transitions, and many additional issues.


Group therapy typically involves 5 to 10 clients and meeting times vary. Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only. Many groups are designed to target a specific problem such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, social skills, etc. Also, groups may be exclusive towards a specific population due to their unique and unshared experiences. Benefits of group therapy include a support network, diversity, accountability, and different perspectives around your treatment concerns.



In couples counseling we help strengthen relationships by addressing issues such as

parenting challenges, in-law problems, lack of intimacy, infertility, financial conflicts,

and even infidelity. These issues will be explored with special attention on

communication, compassion, conflict resolution, family of origin influences.

AJWH work with families to address many complicated issues such as step/blended families, adoption, conflict resolution, and conflicting parenting styles. The emphasis of

family counseling includes incorporating effective discipline strategies, improving communication, setting boundaries, humor, and recognizing the value each family

member contributes to the home.

Walk-Talk Therapy


These sessions take place outdoors where the therapist and client walk side by side during the journey of therapy. The science of walking enhances the "happy" brain chemicals released through endorphins. Many people report walking with their counselor is more

relaxing than the office setting. Clients who are good candidates for this technique will be physically fit enough to walk with periodic breaks for the counseling session.

The teenage years are a time of many transitions and greater responsibilities. Some of the more common problems they experience are anxiety, depression, peer pressure, bullying, loss of friendships, adjusting to divorce and step/blended family dynamics, perfectionism, and academic problems. Therapy focuses on building self-esteem, developing problem-solving skills, establishing goals, making positive change

Reach Your Goals

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Consultations, Workshops and speaking Engagements

Consulting answers a specific problem using expertise and experience through teaching, facilitating or training. Often, consultations will be a short-term engagement on one specific  topic, but on occasion, they can be long-term. Consultants work with individuals, groups and organizations. We customized presentations to your unique needs. To book a consultant, please email or click here to submit a contact form.

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